Artbook La maison des Belettes
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The House of Weasels - illustrated literature.

Paperback - format: 13.1 x 20.2 cm - 150 pages
Illustrated book with ink drawings.


Fourth cover :


“The Weasel House is a discreet cabin clinging to the hillside, a viewpoint perched on the border between the world of men and that of Nature. A watchtower, with a view of the impasse at the bottom of which our breathless civilization turns desperately in circles, but also an observatory on a wild Nature with original wisdom, which perhaps knows a way out. »


When she moved into the Weasels House, this modern young woman, looking for a little corner of nature close to the city, did not yet imagine the path she was taking. Far from only meeting her needs, the Weasel House will shake up her convictions and lead her to question our relationship with wild nature. Is the place we occupy there ultimately what we imagined?


Through a true manifesto, both intimate and poetic, Nathalie Fougeras – painter, author, botanist and passionate naturalist – casts a benevolent gaze on our world with uncompromising lucidity. A unique point of view on what we call, a little too conveniently, ecology.