La marquise aux pieds nus
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Paperback - format: 13.3 x 20.3 cm - 207 pages

The profits and royalties of this edition are entirely donated to the association Actions for Autism Asperger Limoges.

Shipping by Green Letter in mainland France.

For any other destination, contact me via the form on the home page.


Fourth cover :


“Many books have been written about autism spectrum disorders, but this one is special. Special on the one hand because the one who writes it, Nathalie Fougeras, is an exceptional woman. Writer, musician, painter, she excels in all artistic fields and marvelously describes the poetic and mysterious mysteries of autism as she has experienced it from the inside, forever, without even knowing it. Special, this book is also special by its atypical tone and form, which intelligently and tenderly combine childhood memories, family images, phenomenology of neurodiversity and an enlightened and humanistic dictionary of terms relating to autism. It is all this that we find in his work, and even more, under the surface of the words, a moving depth and a great poetry.

Dr. David Gurion, psychiatrist


“With a literary fluency that has nothing to envy of Colette, Nathalie tells us about her life and her way of seeing the world. The story is poignant, the pages are a pure gaze that takes us into a world of unsuspected dimensions”.

Isabelle Hénault, psychologist, director of the Autism & Asperger Clinic in Montreal, Quebec, Canada